To be continued...

- Ernst Lindemann -

Jason R.

In a nutshell; I’m a grizzly father of three lovely kids, a former professional dancer/teacher, the founder of Got Skills ‘urban dance society’ and currently the artistic director, producer & music-studio owner of NXT LEVEL.

NXT LEVEL is my Xclusiv entertainment and production company, which focuses on offering performances and the artistic production of dance, music and media: “Small and local, large and international, Live and digital”.

But always entertaining and always passionate!

Since 1996 I welcomed many large and small clients and was fortunate to entertain, develop and/or inspire urban dance lovers worldwide. All with a wonderful team of great dancers, who I consider to be family. Therefor I’m very proud of the joined work, achievements and experiences!

To empower others and seeing them grow and pursue their life-changing dreams is a blessing. Therefor I love to pass down the knowledge and experience I gained during to the NXT generation.

In my core I strive for perfection, but I’ll definitely settle for satisfaction. Just because I find it very important to love what I do and to keep on doing what I love.

With my creative skills, an eye for talent and a drive for success, I pursue the NXT LEVEL in all I do; always and in all ways!

This looks like the end of my story, but it isn’t…!