Playhousse is not just the name
of our school, it’s our brand.

Playhousse stands for fun, love and dance. This is something we want to incorporate in our dance school. We have different ways to teach these students. Everyone is unique and has their own level of dance. That’s why
we teach them in a special way to give them what they need.

At the moment there are two dance styles that we’re applying in our classes Afro and Hip-hop. With these dance styles we want to build a strong foundation. We’re planning to go deep into to the roots so they know the background. In the future we’re planning to expand in different dance styles.

Playhousse is focused on kids from 12 years old and above. We want to create an environment that allows all our students to be free in dance mind, body and soul.

One house, One family,
let's have some fun.



Playhousse creates beautiful and creative choreography that tells a story through dance. The teachers are specialized in their own dance style. We also learn from each other and merge different influences in our choreography.


Have Playhousse perform at your event! Whether it be a variety show, corporate event or festival we can bring Playhousse's high energy choreography creating an event that will leave your guests amazed!


Workshops are a great opportunity to learn Playhousse signature dance styles on a personal level. With a roster of teachers with different styles, we can accommodate to our students' levels and needs.

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If Playhousse can change
the life of only one kid,
it was all worth it!